What community services do we provide?

All Charity monies raised by the Fort Bragg-Mendocino Lions Club stay in our community.  We provide many services including but not limited to:

Our major service activities:

Sight Conservation and Work with the Blind.  
Providing help towards eye care, glasses, an eye glasses exchange program. 
Click on the EYE CARE link for more information.

Free Spot Vision Eye Screenings 
For ages 6 months through adults using the Spot Vision Screener. The 
                                                Spot screens both eyes at once from a 
                                                nonthreatening 3-foot distance and accurately     
                             detects the potential indication of these common vision problems:
Myopia (nearsightedness)
Hyperopia (farsightedness)
Astigmatism (blurred vision)
Anisometropia (unequal refractive power)
Strabismus (eye misalignment)
Anisocoria (unequal pupil size

Lions in Sight  
Our Youth Group, the Leo Club collect and 
distribute used eyeglasses around the World

Hearing aid assistance and work with the Deaf 
Providing help for those needing 
hearing aids through the Lions Ear Foundation

For high school graduates pursing a  
higher education in a vocational field 

                                              Christmas Day Dinner For Seniors                                                                             Lions members prepare and serve a free Christmas dinner for 
                                                         Senior Citizens in our Hall and for those whom are home-bound

The Care Bear Program
The Fort Bragg Lions provide teddy bears to our local emergency authorities
and hospital to give to children when they or a family member have been
 involved in an emergency or have become ill. 
They give kids something to hang onto for comfort.

                              Sponsor of The Fort Bragg Leo Club
                                                            The Fort Bragg Lions are proud to be the sponsors of this very active Youth
                                                            Club.  They are future Lions and 2 Leos have already become Lions, when they
                                                            turned 18. Check out the Leo Page for more information!
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